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Meli&Stef's House (and not only)
Meli Does Tai-Chi
New Years Eve 01
New Years Eve 02
New Years Eve 03
House 01
House 02
House 03
House 04
At Maracana in Florence 01
At Maracana in Florence 02
At Boboli in Florence
My BDay Parties

I promised this long ago to everyone of my friends, but you know, due working schedules and some healthy kicking I didn't get time to create this page before.
Here's me and Stef's manor (not completely made yet...) and the pictures from (I am ashamed to say it NOW) New Year's Eve, some snow, something else and My BDay in Florence ;).
Enjoy :)

me on autoshot

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these pictures belong to Cioni Melania, aka gallimel. No use whatsoever of these is allowed unless after and under her written, explicit and certified permission.