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Meli&Stef's House (and not only)
My BDay Parties


Meli Does Tai-Chi
New Years Eve 01
New Years Eve 02
New Years Eve 03
House 01
House 02
House 03
House 04
At Maracana in Florence 01
At Maracana in Florence 02
At Boboli in Florence
My BDay Parties

After my workin trips, after allergias, after France and before Croatian schedules... yep, I turned 27. I got several BDay parties in fact... :) I must be a tragedy regarding messes and docs lately but.. people seem to still love me :)
And that's VERY healing, believe :)



Party in Florence (with Lodi's add ons among guests), then Lodi's version of the party (with Crema's guests as add ons) and then the Rotary night out dancing... I didn't lack anything it seems.. and now.. back to work...hell!!!!!!!!!!!



Hope you did enjoy these.
For all my beloved around the globe that cannot see me daily online due to my commitments and my screen troubles.. hope these pics can tell you I am still fine, no matter the small problems okay? Miss you dears.. but I'll be soon online active again :)
Kisses, your (now quite old) Meli ;)