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Meli&Stef's House (and not only)


Meli Does Tai-Chi
New Years Eve 01
New Years Eve 02
New Years Eve 03
House 01
House 02
House 03
House 04
At Maracana in Florence 01
At Maracana in Florence 02
At Boboli in Florence
My BDay Parties

We love to journey around.
Even being a bit obsessed by allergias and various troubles that are all due to overworking schedule, when there are weekends free and sunny, with friends we love to take walks in sweet unknown little towns...

Gulli, Stefano and Stefania
at Castelleone

Ste Della, Nadia, Ste mine and Marco
in Boboli, Florence

And find in there lovely inhabitants :)


I am very sorry for all of you, friends, who are worried about my healthy conditions.
I'll be soon perfectly fine.
I mean, there are way worst things in the world than someone crackin for overwork or allergic sympthomes.
Let's be happy for we are alive and surrounded by love. I surely am :)